Sep 14, 2023

Pentax O-ICK1 Sensor Cleaning Kit Review


Sensor dust is the bane of digital photographers. Sensors are fragile, located deep inside the camera, and can attract charged particles. Dust particles often show on photographs and can require long operations in post-processing to hide them.

The advent of mirrorless cameras has worsened this problem; on a DSLR, the mirror creates an extra barrier between the sensor and the outside world. Mirrorless cameras lack this protection and tend to collect dust at a higher rate than DSLRs.

Over the years, manufacturers have proposed several solutions to minimize the presence of dust on sensors. Surface treatments, sensor vibration to detach particles, imaging of the sensor to locate dust are a few examples of such solutions. Good technique, such as changing lenses with the sensor oriented down, avoiding dusty areas, being aware of wind direction, also help.

Sometimes, all this care is not enough, and dust remains present on the sensor. The next step is usually to use a small blower to try and detach the dust without touching the sensor. When all else fails, it becomes necessary to use a tool to physically remove remaining dust. This dreaded steps can be scary for some; if the sensor gets scratched, there is no coming back.

There are a few tools available to physically remove dust. One such tool, created and sold by Pentax, has a good reputation and many swear by it. Called the O-ICK1 sensor cleaning tool, it uses a tacky, reusable material to lift off the dust.

In this short review, we test the O-ICK1 sensor cleaning tool and try to determine if it lives up to expectations. Read on to read what we thought of the O-ICK1! PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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