Pentax Optio WG-2 Review

Conclusion and Rating

With each successive generation Pentax continues to improve their waterproof cameras, but we think that the WG-2 is an especially-big step forward, being the first Pentax point-and-shoot to support 60fps and full-HD video, as well as the first with a backlit sensor (the Pentax Q mirrorless camera is the only other Pentax with a backlit sensor).

Thanks to these recent improvements, if we look at specifications alone, the Pentax Optio WG-2 matches or exceeds those of every other waterproof point-and-shoot current available, such as the Canon D20, Nikon AW100 or Fuji XP100.  We think it's great that Pentax's outdoor model is among the best of its kind, and this suggests that their cameras will only keep on getting better!

Pentax Optio WG-2 in the show

Video Omissions

One thing we did not mention in the video was the camera's battery life.  Unfortunately, the battery life isn't exceptional: you can expect to take 200-300 photos.  In order to save as much power as possible, disable the GPS when you don't need it, enable the LCD auto-dimming option in the settings menu (it's on by default), and avoid using the flash unless it's really needed.

Video Corrections

In the video we say that the Optio WG-2 is the 14th generation Pentax waterproof camera while in fact it's the 13th.  We also say that high speed video mode puts the camera in 60fps mode at 720p, when in reality it sets the camera to a special 120fps VGA mode, which records at 120fps and plays back at 30fps.

Optio WG-2 GPS Rating

Note that our value rating is based on the original MSRP of $399.  Despite this, the camera ended up doing quite well!

Build Quality 
User Interface 
Image Quality 
HD Video 
Auto Focus 
 7.1 (Good)

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