Ricoh Theta S Review

What's in the Box

The Theta S is packaged in an elegant black box containing the following items:

  • The Theta S itself
  • A soft pouch
  • A micro USB cable
  • A "getting started" guide

Theta S box contents

The Getting Started guide is in six languages, but very brief. You won't get far without consulting the online documentation pointed to by the guide. Of highest importance is the link to the full manual. We would have liked to see the manual in the form of a PDF document that could be downloaded rather that a bunch of linked html pages.  The manual is accessible directly through the Theta app for handy reference, however.

The protruding lenses need protection when the camera is not in use, so it is a nice thought that Ricoh decided to include a pouch.  Unlike the m15 pouch, the new S pouch does not have a zipper or belt strap.  Instead, you just slide the camera in lens-first.  It's perhaps too snug of a fit, but thanks to it the camera won't slip out on accident.  This updated design is somewhat clever, because it allows for the camera to stay in the pouch even when a strap lug is attached to the tripod mount.

Updated puch design allows for storage with a strap mounted

The Theta S pouch compared to the m15 case:

The included pouch is a very tight fitTheta S pouch (left) vs Theta m15 case (right)

Those looking for a case with a belt strap will be disappointed: the "S" is larger by just enough that it won't fit in the old m15 case.  We still prefer the old style because it has more padding and protects the entire camera.  The new style is arguably better while out in the field, but offers less protection for the lenses when the camera is packed away. PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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