Oct 18, 2017

Ricoh Theta SC Review


The 360° camera market continues to evolve rapidly.  When we first reviewed the original Ricoh Theta some three years ago, it was the only consumer-friendly offering available.  Today, dozens of manufacturers are competing for a share of this hot market with pro, casual, and mid-range 360 cameras for both stills and videos.  Ricoh Imaging has consistently been putting out new Theta cameras at the rate of one model per year.

Theta SC used for a group photo

So, as more and more options become available, what makes the Theta SC so attractive?  There are three main reasons: form factor, image quality, and price.  Launched in late 2016 as an entry-level alternative to the Theta S (review here), the Theta SC delivers the same great image quality and is actually nearly identical feature-wise, but at a fraction of the price.  Given the size and ease of use of the camera, its photos are clear and detailed.  Unlike most other 360 cameras, the Theta slips easily into your pocket, can be used standalone without a smartphone, and has great ergonomics for hand-holding.  Currently selling for just $199, the Theta SC is thus a steal! 

The Theta SC is available in four colors

All of this sounds almost too good to be true.  Is there a catch or is Theta that great?  Read on to find out.

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