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The Ricoh Theta V transforms spherical video from a fun gimmick into a feature usable for a variety of personal and professional applications.  On top of that, it maintains the ultra-portable ergonomic design and long list of still imaging features supported by previous models.

Ricoh Theta V with box

We believe that the spherical video and image format opens up new creative possibilities and should be explored by seasoned and novice photographers alike.  That said, as a more expensive model, the Theta V primarily caters to users with an interest in spherical videos.  If you're mostly interested in shooting stills, or if you don't have the time to process spherical videos, then the more affordable Theta SC will get the job done just as well.

If you want to extend the capabilities of the Theta, consider accessories such as the waterproof housing.


  • High-quality 4K video recording and streaming
  • Easy to use, usable with and without smartphone
  • Excellent still image quality
  • Patented ergonomic, hand-holdable compact body
  • Live view, video/image capture, and file transfers over Wi-Fi
  • Long battery life and plenty of memory


  • Desktop app support lacks features
  • Basic plastic finish
  • Pricey
  • Lack of still image improvement over cheaper models

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The Theta V builds on its predecessors by offering high-quality 4K video streaming and recording while maintaining an ultra-compact, user-friendly form factor. Although the video performance is excellent, the Theta V is no better than the Theta SC for stills, and thus suffers in terms of our value rating.  Its desktop apps are also in need of improvement.

Build Quality 
Image Quality 
 8.2 (Very Good)

The Theta V faces competition from similarly-priced cameras with even higher video resolution, such as the Insta360 ONE X (a shameless Theta clone), or the slightly less powerful but much cheaper Samsung Gear VR.


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