Sirui T-025x Travel Tripod Review

Center Column & Bag Hook

The Sirui T-025x Carbon Fiber Tripod is nearly identical to its similarly named predecessor, the T-025. The most critical difference is the ability to remove the center column, made from the exact same material as the legs below it, to include the way its sections telescope together and the grip on the knob. Below we've created a motion .gif for you to see all the positions of the center column, including the entire removal thereof.

We found that that not only does removing the column allow for the ability to get much lower to the ground--excellent and at times critical for macro photography--it helped with stabilizing the tripod as well. We found that this capability makes the T-025x far more versatile than its predecessor. We found that in no way does the ability to remove the center column decrease the quality of the tripod - everything, from the lens plate to the feet, is built to very tight tolerances. The column is no exception.

Attaching and Removing the Center Column

To attach and remove the center column, we created another motion .gif for you below, but this time a bit slower on the automation.

As you can see there aren't too many pieces, and attaching/reattaching the column is very easy to do. Just be aware that the bolt has two ends - a 3/8" end and a 3/8" --> 1/4" end. The constant 3/8" points down with the tapered end always screwing into the ballhead.

Bag/Weight Hook

The T-025x comes equipped with a "car keys" ring attached to the underside of its center column, which is where the included carabineer is designed to go.

The included carabineer is not a large one, however it is plenty strong for the intended purpose. Despite this, even if in a pinch, we recommend against using it as part of your rock climbing kit.

The carabineer unexpectedly comes with a rubber sleeve/sheath covering the metal body, which is naturally a very slick and smooth metallic finish. We found this to help (although it was minimal to begin with) reduce any swinging/sliding around of whatever you have hanging from it.

Compared to the previous T-025's embedded hook, it's a vast improvement in terms of usability. The hook that came with the T-025 was a bit of a pain and somewhat tedious to lower and attach something to because the spring loaded hook built into the T-025's center column would often get caught and require some odd angles and jiggling around to extract it. Here is the hook of the T-025 in its natural, receded position.

Here is the hook lowered. As you can see, there isn't a lot of room, especially if you have hands larger than the M-sized one photographed below. The very cramped space combined with the very strong spring would cause us not to be surprised if pulling down on the hook caused it to slip out of your fingers.

The T-025x's aforementioned carabineer is ultimately far easier to use, although we must bring attention to the fact that the hook itself is a bit smaller, especially if you are OCD and need to ensure the carabineer gate closes like we are. To work around this, just tie a small loop to whatever you are trying to hang (say the top carry handle of your camera bag) with a piece of string to then connect to the carabineer. In the end, this actually helps improve stability even more because you are further lowering the center of gravity of the tripod. So despite this 30 second added incovenience, we aren't complaining about it, especially if you are like us and kept that small piece of string permanently affixed to our camera bag for near instant attaching. PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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