Sirui T-025x Travel Tripod Review


If you made it this far (without skipping right to the know who you are), then it's pretty much a guarantee that you know what our overall assessment and recommendation is of the Sirui T-025x.

In determining how to assess the tripod to give it an tangible value, it wasn't easy. Everything made by mankind is by nature imperfect and thus has the potential for improvement, but we feel that Sirui did an incredible job taking an already outstanding tripod (the T-025) and making it even better. When we first came to own the T-025, we made the claim that there would never be another tripod bought for travel and a lightweight kit except to replace it with another in the event of damage. We can honestly say that the T-025x has earned the ability to replace a perfectly good T-025, and without the premium upgrades usually command.

Of course, if there ever comes a T-025 Mark III, there were a few things we'd like to see incorporated to earn what we believe would deserve perfect scores. The inability to change the feet and make them spiked and the ballhead's lack of a bubble level and friction control required us to give them 9/10 each, respectively. We would have liked to see an ability to attach the center column to one of the legs for a very compact monopod, a feature that is becoming more common and even Giottos' nearly-as-small Vitruvian tripod offers such a feature, albeit at nearly twice the price. In all, we do realize that this is mostly quibbling because the T-025x is many things, but lacking in features and capabilities is absolutely not one of them, especially when you consider how compact it is for far less than the nearest serious competitor (Giottos Vitruvian).

In this In-Depth Accessory Review, we started with a discussion on the reworked cliché about the best tripod is the one you have with you, and that is exactly where we are going to end it. Photography is one of those activities that does not follow the trend where the better at something you get, there's an inherent expectation to do whatever it is much faster. Paradoxically, seasoned photographers often find themselves slowing down and being more deliberate, and there aren't many ways to do that better than to incorporate a tripod into your photographic regimen. It is one of the most obvious yet neglected ways to be more deliberate and dedicated to the quality of your photographs, and in that light, we can't stress enough how the Sirui T-025x may just be the photographic accessory you need to bring your photography to that next level. And not because it's the single best tripod we've ever come across. Whether in your bag, under your car seat, or attached to your belt loop, you'll always have it with you.


  • Incredibly compact - 12.6 in (32.0 cm) folded length
  • 13.2 lb (6 kg) max load capacity
  • 8x Carbon Fiber construction
  • Weighs less than 1 Liter of water
  • Excellent stability and vibration control
  • Provides a Weight/Bag Hook that also doubles as a carrying attachment
  • Removable center column
  • Includes ballhead
  • Includes quick release plate
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Allows near ground-level shooting
  • Incredibly quick leg deployment
  • Vertical/Portrait Orientation notch
  • Shoulder/sling bag included
  • 360° panoramic rotation with degree scale
  • Grooved anodized aluminum for all ballhead knobs
  • 6 year warranty


  • Unable to change feet 
  • No bubble level
  • No separate friction control knob
  • No monopod ability

Overall Build Quality 
Tripod Legs 
Features and Capability 
 9.3 (Excellent)

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