Apr 8, 2013

Pentax-DA 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 Fish-eye


Fish-eye lenses are a type of ultra-wide-angle lenses designed to provide an extremely wide field of view at the cost of extreme barrel distortion. Fish-eye lenses also provide for artistic impact through the extreme barrel distortion (i.e. rounded edges, especially in the corners of the frame). These lenses can deliver a much wider field of view than rectilinear lenses. Although the term "fish-eye lens" is not a very common one in daily speech, we can observe the fish-eye effect in common objects such as peepholes, some rear view mirrors, and rear backup cameras.

Screwdrive AutofocusQuick ShiftInternal FocusingAutomatic ApertureAPS-C Digital Only

The SMC Pentax-DA 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 Fish-Eye ED [IF], which was released in early 2006, is the first and only Pentax fish-eye lens designed exclusively for APS-C format Pentax K-mount cameras. This is one of the lenses that Pentax developed in conjunction with Tokina, who currently offer the same lens for Canon and Nikon.

The 10-17mm fisheye offers a 180-degree diagonal field of view at the wide end of the zoom range and a 100-degree filed of view at 17mm. Apart from the unique fisheye effect, what else should the photographer expect from this lens? Read on for our complete review of the Pentax 10-17mm!

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