Feb 27, 2014

Sony A7 with Pentax Full-frame Glass


The Sony Alpha 7 (A7) and Alpha 7R (A7R) mirrorless full frame cameras are candidates for Pentax shooters who want a full-frame camera right now to use with Pentax legacy and FA Limited glass. The Alpha 7 has a 24-megapixel sensor while the Alpha 7R a 36-megapixel sensor, and apart from the performance implications of the A7R's larger files, the cameras are otherwise identical.

When it was first announced, the Sony A7 seemed to be the perfect camera to use with adapted lenses.  This is because it uses the Sony NEX mount, which means Pentax and most other lenses can be adapted without the need for any corrective optics: just a simple mount K to NEX adapter that's nothing more than a hollow tube.  The A7 is also affordable for a full-frame: just a few hundred dollars more than the Pentax K-3.  And considering that the camera body is lighter than any Pentax DSLR, it might not be that burdensome to keep an adapter on it full-time.  There's no question that the A7 was one of the most interesting and innovative cameras launched in 2013, and it's certainly gained a fairly big following among our forum members.

In this review, we'll be evaluating how the Sony A7 performs with adapted Pentax lenses.  If you've been dying for a full-frame camera to use with your Pentax glass, is the A7 the way to go, or does the wait for a full-frame Pentax continue?  Read on to find out!

Since we're focusing specifically on how the A7 works with Pentax lenses, this isn't a full-blown review of the camera.  However, after the conclusion you will find an appendix with specifications and remarks on the construction, handling, and operation of the camera.

Table of Contents

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