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Glamour Fog/Glow Shot

Add fog!

Have you ever seen those pictures of beautiful landscapes that have this wonderful glow to them and sometimes it seems like a fog, but much more glamorous. Also it is very commonly used in woman's portraits to soften their face and features, and leave a 1950’s Hollywood Glamour shot effect. You can also use it to turn an landscape shot, into a Romantic Landscape Shot! 

It is very easy, so easy you might laugh!

  • Take your DSLR, and literary fog the lens with your breath.
  • START shooting! Take from 3-5 shots. Or more if your camera can.

The first pictures will come out with a denser fog, but the last ones will be perfect for the portrait Glamour shot. It is up to you and your taste. PentaxForums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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