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Swallowed up

Swallow up

I like calling this one Swallow up, just because the other option, sucking in, sounds a little weird for me at least. Well this is a very cool effect when done at night with lights. Last week I saw this effect tried on the Eiffel Tower at night! It was so amazing, I was mesmerized, and then I realized how easy and simple this effect is. So I will share it with you!

Things you will need:

    - Tripod

    - Depending of the proximity of your object: Lens of choice

    - Knowing how to operate the long shutter speeds in your camera


First you decide what your subject will be. Like the Eiffel Tower, it needs to be a static object as well as a static photographer. The lens choice should be to your best judgment.

Set your tripod, and set your object in focus.

You want to go to the setting of the camera and set a long exposure time, long! Or you can use the Bulb, abbreviated B, settings.

With your lens you want to zoom all the way out, then you want to get ready with your finger on the shutter bottom, and as you press it down come in with the zoom. This will cause the Swallow up effect. Do NOT change the focus, or you will get another effect that you might not like.  If you want a Swallow in effect do the exact same thing only first you zoom in and then out.

Leave comments, post, and share results! Have a great time shooting! And REMEMBER: try, experiment, and explore!

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