Jul 12, 2013

Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i Shoulder Bag


Editorial note: this review of the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i bag was written for PentaxForums.com by forum member Lauren Cohn.

I'm going to start this review with the confession that I am a huge Think Tank user. I have something like 20 or so products made by Think Tank and own almost every genre of their products; everything from the huge Airport Security down to the smallest “skin”.

Lauren D. Cohn

Hallmarks of Think Tank bags are well thought-out details, and the use of the finest materials. Think Tank products use YKK zippers, and usually include two zipper pulls per zipper. Dual zipper pulls are a detail that is very important to me, as zippered compartments can then be opened from either direction to control the opening of a compartment with ease. Additionally, two zipper pulls can be used with each other, to form a “locking zipper” if they each have a little cord sewn onto the metal zipper pull. My Think Tank bags have these little cords sewn on the zipper pulls, and it appears to be one of those Think Tank hallmarks. Very useful details like “corded zipper pulls” are what make me continue to buy Think Tank products.

Lauren D. CohnThe dual pull zippers

The cloth of Think Tank bags are also very nice; not too soft or too “ballistic”. I’m not sure of the denier of the materials used, but their bag materials have a nice weave with just enough structure and suppleness. Inside Think Tank bags, the usual hook and loop dividers are present and the lighter shades of grey in Think Tank bags make the insides bright enough to find things. Think Tank bags also come with rain covers and very robust and adjustable carry straps.

Lauren D. Cohn
Another view of the bag

As I say, I am a huge Think Tank customer, so when I offered to review the Mirrorless Mover 30i in exchange for a free bag (minus the shipping to me) I leaped at the chance.  The bag normally retails for $69.95.

The bag is called the “Mirrorless Mover”, and when dealing with Pentax products, that means the bag is naturally targeted towards the Pentax Q series and K-01. The bag can also be used for micro four-thirds mirrorless cameras, such as those from Olympus.  In addition to carrying camera gear, there is also room to carry a tablet; I suppose the “i” in the name of the bag is supposed to allude to the “i” in iPad.

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