Oct 2, 2020

Think Tank Urban Access 15 Review


Think Tank is a well-established manufacturer of camera bags. With a large line-up of bags in a variety of styles, they have long been among those being emulated by others.

Recent years have brought a number of newcomers who proposed their innovative ideas and new designs. Many of those cater to the "digital nomad" or more simply the commuting photographer who carries a lot of extras in addition to a camera and lenses, and wants quick access when on the go.

The Urban Access backpack from Think Tank is a recently-released backpack targeted directly at this market segment. Available in two sizes (called 13 and 15, based on the laptop size they can accommodate), the backpacks are Think Tank products at heart but with a definitive "urban" flair (hence the name). The shape, choice of fabrics and colors, and access points all point to a specific market segment.

Today we take a look at the larger version of this backpack. How well does it perform in our tests? Read on to find out!

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