Jun 13, 2020

Venus Optics Laowa 60mm F2.8 2:1 Ultra Macro


Macro is a popular specialization in the realm of photography. With the help of a close focus lens, a set of diopters, or even a reversing ring, users can explore new points of view and fascinating subjects.

Pentax users have access to a wide range of macro lenses. Pentax itself offers 3 macro lenses available new, in addition to a large number of older models available on the used market. Third-party manufacturers also offer several options. One such manufacturer is Venus Laowa. While most companies produce traditional macro lenses with an enlargement factor of 1x, Laowa goes beyond by proposing a few macro lenses with even larger magnifications.

Today we take a look at their 60mm F2.8 2x Super Macro. This lens is particularly interesting because it offers a 2x magnification factor (most macro lenses are 1x or 0.5x) while still permitting use as a more regular lens, including infinity focus. As such, it can serve as a 60mm for portraiture and other uses, and at the same time offer enlargements impossible to obtain without reverting to diopters or close-up filters.

The 60mm is actually the first photographic lens ever produced by Venus Optics. It was launched before the company introduced its signature blue and red accents and standardized the look of its products.

This all-metal, fully manual lens is a welcome addition to the list of available K-mount lenses. Our past experience with Venus Laowa shows that the company is capable of producing high-quality lenses, both optically and cosmetically. Does the 60mm F2.8 super macro live up to that reputation? Read our review to find out!

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