Wandrd Veer 18L Inflatable Backpack Review


The Veer 18L by WANDRD succeeds in creating a niche for itself in a crowded market. It is a camera bag like no other, and that's a good thing.

The quality of craftsmanship matches or exceeds our expectations. The fabric is light, but robust and protected against water. The weight is astoundingly light, less than a pound all told. The designers did not blindly create a light bag: they made sure to make it functional and reliable.

Organization is helped by the presence of two external pockets, a bottle holder, and an internal mesh panel. Storing the camera is straightforward, and that is where the Veer 18L shows its (intended) limitations. It can carry a large camera and a medium-sized lens, but nothing else except if additional lens cases or pouches are added. This is not a hidden flaw, it is simply how the bag is made.

The designers also managed to make this bag reasonably comfortable. Again, in that regard, the Veer 18L went beyond our expectations. There are bags available that are more comfortable, but they are also larger, heavier, and bulkier.

The Veer 18L is not a typical camera bag. It will not be suited for every outing, every photographer. It caters to a more limited crowd, and succeeds in meeting the wishes of photographers who want to travel light, be it for a day in the city or a month away from home.


  • Compressible, inflatable design is unique on the market
  • Good protection for a camera and lens
  • Absurdly light weight
  • Easy to reach the camera
  • Surprising amount of features for a minimalist bag
  • Good quality fabrics and assembly
  • Camera cube can be used on its own, or inside other bags or suitcases
  • Well priced


  • No extra protection at the bottom
  • Comfort strongly influenced by the load
  • Camera can move around a bit, especially if bag mostly empty
  • Limited options to carry more than just one camera and lens

Who is it for

The Veer 18L from WANDRD is aimed squarely at travelers who never check luggage but only bring a carry-on with them. It will also be a good match for hikers who want the lightest possible backpack, and anyone looking for a light bag for single-day outings.

In the US, the bag is relatively inexpensive: at the time of writing the Veer 18L retails for US $148 at B&H Photo, including the optional camera cube. On other markets the price can vary considerably depending on the currency.




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