Apr 7, 2020

Wandrd Veer 18L Inflatable Backpack Review


As a photographer, sometimes one wants to travel with a lot of varied lenses, accessories, and a tripod. In that case a large camera bag is needed.

At other times, a photographer will want just the opposite: travel with only a carry-on suitcase (or travel backpack) and a limited number of photographic tools. In that case, how does one carry and protect a fragile camera and lens?

Enter WANDRD, a photo accessories company founded in 2015. WANDRD recently launched the Veer 18L, a backpack occupying a rather unique niche on the market.

The Veer 18L is a compressible backpack with an inflatable camera compartment. When compressed, it is about the size of a thick hardcover book, while being much lighter. Expanded, it offers 18 liters of volume, a surprising level of organization, and the ability to carry and protect a camera and lens.

The Veer 18L is certainly not a “me too” product. How does this backpack actually perform? Can it live up to expectations? Read on to find out!

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