Apr 20, 2012

What to Pack When You Backpack


“Take only pictures; leave only footprints”  Anonymous

For me photography has lead to a love for the outdoors, and the outdoors has increased my love for photography.  Sure, i could hit the trails sans camera, documenting the trip with mental snapshots recorded on my internal memory, but being able to interact with my surroundings through a lens is what makes being outdoors special.  Photography helps me to slow down and really study the intricacies of a landscape, and see it from multiple perspectives.  Then with a couple mouse clicks I can relive the journey for years to come.

Views like this aren't easy to come by, but they are worth the effort

When I say backpacking I am referring to one or more nights in the outdoors, away from a hotel room, your car and hopefully most people.  Everything you need for your excursion, either in your backpack or strapped to it.  Sure, it would be a heck of a lot easier if I could drive my truck into backcountry locations, but that would not be nearly as rewarding.  Hoofing it down a trail with a pack on my back, leads to a more remote experience and unigue photographs.  Four wheels can take you to a lot of places, but to really immerse yourself in nature your feet have to hit the trail.

Steep and rocky road leading to an out of the way trailhead

For many of us, the decision of what makes it into your photo bag and what stays at home is a tough one.....this decision is magnified when considering a multi-day trip into the wilderness.  Size, weight, durability, and functionality are the name of the game.

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