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Review of: Tamron Adaptall-2 135mm f/2.5 (03B) by minahasa on Wed July 24, 2013 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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Good lens, probably the best 135 with f2.5 available at this price range, definitely better than Pentax Takumar (Bayonet) 135/2.5. When focus is right, this lens is sharp as it is, maybe a bit less contrasty, but it's sharp.

Review of: Tair 11 / 11A 135mm F2.8 by minahasa on Sun December 23, 2012 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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If you're into bokeh and 135mm lenses, then this is a lens for you, period. :) It's sharp and contrast, renders beautiful colors almost like SMC's, so it's just perfect. Got mine from Russia, complete set with filters and case. It's well worth the 40 days of waiting :rolleyes:

Review of: Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC by minahasa on Tue June 26, 2012 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I have two versions of 28-300 and they serve me well, but lately I've found myself back to shooting landscapes. 28mm is not that wide. So I get this lens, problem solved. Paired with K20D, I can still crop images to mimic the reach of 300mm. Quality is not that bad, really, I did not expect much from zooms, but this lens seems to better than the 18-55 kit in my eyes. Colors, sharpness, and bokeh is good, I have no complaints. I've seen a site that compared this with the Tamron's version, this Sigma appeared sharper. I'm also under an impression that this lens gives wider than just 18mm, but I could be wrong. For those who wanted an all-rounder, casual-shooting glass, did not want to lost the wider end, still need a lot of reach, yet did not want to invest pretty penny into 18-250, this thing here is the best choice. Sample photos:

Review of: Vivitar (Kiron - serial 22xxxxx) 28mm f2 by minahasa on Sat May 5, 2012 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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This is a review of the Kiron version. For six months now I have used this lens for my nighttime lens. It's wide and fast enough on my K20D to shoot indoors at dim light occasions. The wide open F2 thingy is what stands out in this lens. I have an Adaptall 24/2.5 01B, although the Tamron is wider, this lens performs noticeably better in low light, even at the same F2.5 setting. Wide open sharpness is not something to brag about, however when shooting in dim lights sharpness seems to be not that important anyway. I love the way this lens gives sort of 3D look on the object, it's just cool. Colors and contrast are a bit low compared to the SMC, but nothing to whine about. This is a lens too good to miss, if you have a chance to get it.

Review of: Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm F3.5 Sonnar MC - Zebra by minahasa on Fri April 13, 2012 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I have the 'zebra' version, single coated, made in the 70's. The zebra version of this lens is fewer to be found. It looks classic, looks more sophisticated, more 'Zeiss', so probably that's why people are keeping it more than selling. I'm aware of the possible mechanical problems of these old Zeiss, but mine works great. When I bought this, I'm not so enthusiastic at first, thinking that it would not be as good as a F2.8 lens. I was wrong, it performs much better than a bunch of my 135/2.8 lenses. It's sharp wide open, it produces great color rendition, it gives great bokeh, and yes, it looks great mounted on my camera :) Let these images speaks for more.. It's a very recommended lens. Just beware of the copies with ailing mechanism.

Review of: Tokina RMC 70-210mm F/3.5 by minahasa on Wed February 22, 2012 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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non functioning links removed As you can see, my copy of this lens is with Nikon mount. I however still use this lens once in a while with my K20D via a bit of forcing it into the K mount, which anyway mounted quite securely, although it act as a 'preset' lens. I've been trying to find a copy with K mount, but this particular lens seems to be less on the used market now. This lens puzzled me. Not much record can be found on the net on this, or probably I was looking for the wrong keyword. In my inexperienced eyes, this lens resembles much the Tokina's version of Vivitar Series I with the same FL, the same fixed aperture, and the same filter size. The Vivitar version, however, has closer focus. I did not have the Vivitar, nor I have any knowledge to say that the two lenses really share the same optical formula, but after reading many reviews of the Vivitar, I dare to conclude that this lens does performs equally. Some sources said that this lens preceed the Vivitar rebrand, while others said that it was manufactured after, so whether the macro function was added later as a differentiating factor on the Series I, or was it removed later so that Tokina could sell it with it's own brand, you probably know it better than I do. Tokina did have a few versions of 70-210mm, but same lens as the Vivitar Series I or not, this lens certainly is not bad and not to be overlooked. non functioning links removed This lens is a joy to use, not too weighty yet it still balanced well on my K20D. At F3.5 images are reasonable sharp, don't forget it's not a prime lens, but it seems to produce enough resolution power. Bokeh is amazing at wide open aperture, I like it. Focusing is a bit short, but it also translates into easy enough focusing.

Review of: Tamron AF 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 LD Aspherical IF Marco by minahasa on Sat September 24, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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18-200 or 18-250 is today's standard when it comes to "all-round" lens, but I prefer the 28-300 range because of the "added length" due to 1.5x crop factor, and off course because this lens is cheaper. This lens is only a bit bigger than the 28-200 version, so still compact. Wonderful color rendering and bokeh. Reasonable sharpness in all focal range, small bit of "glow" at the widest aperture, gone when stepped down one click. Handheld @300mm F8 -Cropped Handheld @300mm -Cropped +- 100% F6.7 F8 F11 F16 F22 F45 All in all, this award-winning lens is not a disappointment.

Review of: Tamron Adaptall-2 80-210mm f/3.8-4 (103A) by minahasa on Sat August 27, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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Bought this three times. The fist one I got was without anything, even the mount. My last copy comes in the original box, a shinning leather case, manuals, papers, stickers, even the original price tag for $189.55! Boy, now this lens could be snatched for as low as $10, if you're lucky. Do you know that Tamron protected this lens with six years warranty? This lens is so good that my friends always envy my shots using this, ending up in a "may-I-borrow-your-lens-for-good" thing :mad: Well, I don't have many Pentax-users friends, but, God help, it's an Adaptall and Chinese-made Adaptall mounts is only like $10.. What I really love about this lens is it gives SMC'ish colors. Bokeh is great, too. Build is very well-made. Praise for the one-touch system, making operational pretty simple. The 1:2ish macro is great for close-up works, do plenty of flowers & plants with this lens. Max F4 aperture really spoils me, did almost all of my "controlled lighting" still-lfe & products photography with this lens. If by any chance you stumble on lens reviews that is started by me (here at PF Lens Database), those item's pics are all taken with this great lens :) With too many uses, now this is the kind of lens I just can't live without. This is a very well crafted lens, a champion from the past. I think of it as the Volkswagen Beetle. Yes, it was a mass product, it was dirt cheap, but it performs. Say, if another friend of mine 'steal' my last copy (again).. ;)

Review of: Vivitar / Sunagor Macro Focusing 28-200mm f3.5-5.3 (Kobori) by minahasa on Tue August 2, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I bought this lens twice. The first one is intended for profit, an AIs mount that I quickly sold to a Nikonian friend. I did not really expect much from a 'mass production' lenses like this one, but when I tried a couple of shots with it, force mounted to my K20D, I realized that this lens is good. When I bought the Pentax Program Plus body, I purchased this lens again, for the convenience of an all-rounder and the "A" function. While my first copy AIs is a rather beat-up, the second P/KA arrived mint, boxed, complete with foams and documents. I removed the Ricoh pin, but the extended flange issue prohibits me from mounting this lens to my K20D. I don't shoot film pretty much, so this lens stays boxed for months. Today I decided it's time for this lens to go digital, 10 minutes of hacksaw work is all needed. I found this lens a splendid all-rounder. Gives pretty colors, good contrast and sharp at the widest aperture. For landscapes, step down if you need the sharpness to really hurt your eyes. I always love one-touch lens, it gives simpler controls so I can focus more to the objects. Nice 1:4 macro at the 200mm, although images could get a bit glowing at the widest aperture, but again this could be a good effect. Bokeh is pleasant, at least for my eyes. Don't hesitate to get this lens if you are looking for a great all-rounder. It performs much better (in terms of sharpness and colors) than a number of primes I had. Some shots:

Review of: Kiron Zoomlock 70-210mm f/4 Macro by minahasa on Mon August 1, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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Apart from being related to the Vivitar Series I family, I believe this lens should have a different review thread, so there will be more information available on this great lens. This is my best manual Tele-zoom lens so far. I bought this, also it's 'shorter' brother the 28-85mm f/2.8-3.8, out of curiosity about "The Legendary Kiron" that I just have to see it myself. Indeed, it's all about seeing is believing :) The build quality is outstanding, this is the first thing that I see. I have a few sturdy Tamron Adaptall zooms, but this one is not to be considered inferior. With 62mm filter thread, this lens is heavier and bulkier (so it should be better build, IMO) than comparable Adaptall zooms. Oh yes, about the legend that say this lens is pretty sharp, it is. Period. More about 'seeing things', what I found this lens very interesting is because it gives sort of 'different' kind of 'taste to the eye'. I have experienced numbers of lenses, from those of just 'blah', to the ones that performs 'so-so', from lenses that must be assisted in PP, to the ones that really produces vivid colors just by its glass. I don't know about you, but for me this one is different. It creates a particular tone that I never really experience before. I respect SMC's rich and contrasty color tones, but I found this lens offers something else rather just a eye candy. I have trouble describing it, really, I tried to describe as 'deeper' and 'more mature'. Probably you could help me describe: (non functioning image links removed) ..or, why don't you get yourself a copy to really 'see' what I mean? :)

Review of: Vivitar 28-85mm f2.8-3.8 Variable Focusing by minahasa on Sun July 31, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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Mine is the original Kiron version, the physical design is a bit different at the front part, where the filter is attached. I bought this "Kiron" instead of the "Vivitar" version because of the feeling of originality.

Review of: Tamron Adaptall-2 24mm f/2.5 (01B) by minahasa on Wed July 27, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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I'm on the same path with the previous reviewer, got this out of "wider curiosity syndrome" from the Adaptall II 28/2.5 ..I even bought the older Adaptall (CW-24) version before this :o In terms of build quality, Adaptall series offers something that would not disappoint you. When the Vivitar 28mm lineup often found with defected aperture mechanism, this lens, or ANY Adaptall lens, I rarely, if non-existent at all, never heard of having aperture problems. I love the f/2.5, really, it gives me the possibility to photograph just about anything low-light. The 24mm, be it on the cropped DSLR sensors, is very helpful indoors, enough for group shots with everybody on the frame. I can't point out the difference between this lens with the older CW-24, they performs just about the same to me. Some mention lack of sharpness with these two, which I confirm. Not a big deal, probably because I don't shoot landscape much with these lenses. I prefer DA 18-55 for landscaping, at f/8 no other kit lens can beat that lens :lol:

Review of: Tamron Adaptall 24mm f/2.5 (CW-24) by minahasa on Wed July 27, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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First I got the Adaptall II 28 f/2.5, got very curious, so I purchase this, also the newer Adaptall II version. As an Adaptall, it's well constructed and simple. The f/2.5 and my K20D ISO 800 gives me clean, good shots, even in candle-lit situation. I opt this lens rather than the Kiron/Vivitar 28mm f/2 because of the wider field, which is proven to be very useful shooting indoors. Probably this is the reason this lens is, for wide and low light photos, since using it outdoors for landscaping, it needs to be at f/8 to achieve sharpness, but hey, isn't landscape photography do need a generous amount of DOF? :)

Review of: Sears 135mm F/2.8 With Macro Zone by minahasa on Wed July 27, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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This lens is quite popular, but it seems there is no review yet, so let's get started :o Required mine recently. I have not tried the 'non-macro' version, I also have no idea if all of the 'macro' version also have the "A" setting, but mine is with macro and "A" setting, also with Ricoh pin that I quickly removed. Shots really nice and sharp, very easy focusing. Colors are rich and contrast well-maintained. The most interesting part is the 'macro zone'. It gives the celebrated glowing effect at the widest aperture. Not many lens offers this feature, at least not at this lens price range. This shot is without engaging macro: Engaging the 'macro', this is the result: Sample shots: This lens is sharp, even at wide open aperture. Cropped from above: Cropped from above: Great experience using this lens, definitely recommended! ADDED: I just bought another version of Sears 135mm F2.8 lens. Still with the "Macro" front dial, but without the "A" feature. Will post comparison as soon as the lens arrived.

Review of: Consul 135mm F/2.8 by minahasa on Tue July 26, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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This might be a rebrand of something else, not sure. ADDED: This lens pretty much resembles the "Japan" Helios 135mm f/2.8 Compact, smaller than usual 135mm, but with decent build. Build-in hood is present, helpful. Results are as usual, not bad, not glorious either, but at least no/less color fringing. Still a fine lens for the price.

Review of: CPC 28mm F/2.8 Opti-Coated by minahasa on Sat July 23, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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Bought several 28mm lenses from ebay on one not so sober night :o -this lens is one of them. This lens gives truly sobering results. This is by far is the best "off-brand" 28mm that I've ever had. I have Vivitar 28mm F/2.8 also, in terms of everything got smoked by this huge beast. Almost twice the size of the usual 28mm's, there is a lot more glass and metal to calculate here. Now, frankly I have not tested any 28mm SMC ones, but I would not be surprised if this lens will match them. A quick search on the Web explains it all: Pentax seems to be behind this so-called CPC (Combined Products Corporation) lenses ;) Test shots, all at the widest aperture:

Review of: Tamron Adapt-A-matic/fixed mount 135mm F/2.8 Auto by minahasa on Sat July 23, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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Got this one accidentally when looking for an adaptall mount. Interesting lens, though. The front elements glowing blue, different from my other lenses. Really nice to operate, smooth movement, easy focusing. The adapt-A-matic mount is really simple, in and out, my copy comes with M42 mount. IMHO this lens gives nice results, colors are rich, with 9 aperture blade, bokeh is very pleasant, painting-like. My only complaint is that my copy at wide open gives "glowing" effect and slightly lower sharpness than my other "off-brand" 135mm lens, but that probably could be caused by the fact that my copy suffers from early stage of fungus, otherwise I believe this lens will sing pretty nicely. Sample shots, all at F/2.8:

Review of: Cimko ( paragon PMC, Beroflex, Ensinor, Clubman..) 28mm F/2.8 by minahasa on Fri July 1, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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Another capable performer, if you don't ask much. Lens like this really can make great images, but stay away from direct strong light because the coating is not as good as SMC.

Review of: TOYO OPTICS MC 28mm F/2.8 by minahasa on Fri July 1, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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A fine performer for a low budget lens. All metal build. Colors are not to be compared to SMC's, but isn't disappointing.

Review of: Albinar 135mm F/2.8 ADG Coated Optics by minahasa on Sun May 22, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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Solid built, feels like a carefully engineered lens. Sharp, even at F/2.8 and gives excellent colors and bokeh. I tried to crop a picture, and sharp still it goes. I wish that it could focuses closer, but it only gives 150cm. At least this lens is compact, almost pocketable I should say. You can get this very cheap, like may other 135 gems. For the price I get, this lens makes me smile for days. This is my first 135mm, and it sure making me wanting for more. Sample shots, all at the widest aperture.

Review of: Makinon 35-105mm F2.8 by minahasa on Sat May 14, 2011 | Rating: 9 View more reviews 

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Mine arrives boxed, complete with booklet and documents, appears almost unused. In the booklet included about "Makinon Phase II Series", this lens is not even listed. As you can see, there is one that is listed that has a constant aperture of F3.5 with 62mm filter size, it looks like this one I found on the web here: My copy has a constant F2.8 with 72mm filter size. There is no other existing internet reference I could find about this particular lens. It has four rotating ring for focusing, zooming, macro, and aperture control. When macro is disengaged, the minimum focus is very far, around 200cm. To achieve shorter minimum focus distance, macro mode must be engaged. To engage macro mode, you push the button on the macro ring and turn it. It gives 1:5 macro up to 20cm close focus on the 35mm setting. Infinity is lost in macro mode. Overall, this lens performs very well, IMHO off course. This is a fast lens for a zoom. It is sharp, if you ask me. As also any lens, stopped down it gets sharper. My camera saturation setting might have added something into the color, but still, this lens should have helped a lot. Wide open in macro mode it gives nice dreamy feel. It gives nice bokeh, even stopped down you will still gets nice out-of-focus areas. It gives excellent saturation, nice contrast, and overall good color tone. This lens is also resistant to flare, I have shot almost directly into the sun and flare is well controlled. For others, the weight of this lens might be a problem, but I think it goes perfectly along with K20D plus BG that I have. (non working links removed)

Review of: HorusBennu 50mm F1.7 MC (PK) by minahasa on Sat April 23, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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OK, for the sake of knowledge I have to put on these: Brothers they are :D [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] ..and probably there's still a lost brother out there.. or even some more :confused:

Review of: Vivitar 50mm F1.7 MC by minahasa on Sat April 23, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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OK, for the sake of knowledge I have to put on these: Brothers they are :D [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] ..and probably there's still a lost brother out there.. or even some more :confused: EDIT: One more: [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE]

Review of: Tamron Adaptall-2 28mm f/2.5 (02B) by minahasa on Tue March 29, 2011 | Rating: 10 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 16
I had the SMC M 35/2.8 and it's a great lens. However, I needed a wider lens, also a better lowlight performer. Sadly, the K/M/A 28mm F2 is way over my budget, so I settled with this one. I bought this lens in a almost unused condition, paired with a K/M adaptall mount, complete with it's original case for $75. It's worth the price I paid, thats for sure. Colors are a bit less vibrant then Pentax's, but this also means a more natural taste, and it's not really a con. On sharpness, still on a par with a few Pentax's I already tested. I also like the soft, kinda paint-like, soft bokeh this lens produce. Build quality is great, feels like this lens can take quite a beating. Focus ring is quite pleasant to play with, generous amount of DOF making focusing is a breeze. It seems not to have as much as a focus turn as my M 35/2.8, but for me this translates to a more easier focusing. This lens is a reliable performer in lowlight. I used to boost ISO to 800 or more to get decent picture with my M 35/2.8, but with this lens I played at 400 and the results are pleasing. I also tried to shoot facing the sun and amazed to this lens ability to tackle flare, it's maybe even better than SMC's. I missed the more aesthetic, artistic design of Pentax lenses, though. This lens, like many other Adaptall lenses, clearly is really made more as a tool, not a work of art. But hey, I want to take good pictures, not to put my gears in a display at an art gallery :) Here's a few shots: [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] Wide Open [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] F4 - Extreme cropped [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] Around F5 - F8 If you're looking for a reasonably priced, good performer, get one of these.

Review of: Sigma 70-210mm F4-5.6 UC by minahasa on Tue February 8, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 11
Oh yes, mine is the one that re-badged "Promaster Spectrum 7" Bought this one on-line, the seller listed it as Pentax, but turns out to be a Nikon mount :mad:. I borrowed a friend's Nikon and give it a few shots. Amazing sharp for a lens with this price tag, good contrast, too. The old-style push-pull zooming needed a little getting used to, but turned to be just fun. Minimal focus distance is about 1m, making it capable of good "macros". If you need a good tele under a limited budget, this one is hard to miss. Here's a shot (taken with a Nikon): [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE]

Review of: Sigma 28-200mm F3.5-5.6 DL Hyperzoom Macro by minahasa on Tue February 8, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 17
ADDED: Doing a little research, I found that it seems there is several version of this lens, there's f/3.8-5.6 and the other being f/3.5-5.6. There's also differences in the filter diameter, 62mm and 72mm. it is possible that each version gives different result, hence the mixed-feeling review of this lens. Mine is the f/3.5-5.6 with 72mm filter thread. I needed a walk-around lens, almost get the Tamron, but settle for this one instead because it feels tougher and well-built (and it is really). Some review championed the Tamron, something that make it priced higher than this Sigma, and for me that is the reason to consider this lens better. No disappointment at all, I sold my DA 50-200mm to get this, and didn't really regret. Sharpness for my untrained eye is good. No dedicated macro, but focus close enough to capture detailed images. Here's a shot: [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE]

Review of: Tokina SZ-X 270 SD MF 28-70mm F3.5-4.5 by minahasa on Mon January 24, 2011 | Rating: 8 View more reviews 

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Reviews: 12
When I ordered this lens from a local on-line lens market I was only thinking about getting something with macro capability. I needed a cheap manual lens that capable of zooming in close and have an 'A' setting. When it finally arrived, I was really pleased with it's macro function and even more at it's capability to produce good color. Sharpness is not to be compared to Pentax's, it's soft until really stepped down, but the colors are great! Maybe I should have my eyes check, but this lens seems to give more vibrant colors than my kit lens. My copy is a bit worn, but with it's mostly metal construction (including mount) I suppose it surely can stand the test of (more and a lot more) time. Focusing is easy, it'll be great for doing flower/plants shots. Bokeh also seems to be fine, even at the 'A' setting. However, I find this lens a more 'daytime' lens than indoor/lowlight one. For the price, this lens is a steal. Here's the shots: [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE] [IMGWIDE][/IMGWIDE]

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